Authenticity, Originality, Reliability And Credibility

In a world full of fakes and NON verified Escorts Advertisements, We, as in MyPinkyLady.com would not want to conform to the pattern of the industry. It is absurd to see such a disastrous huge range of fake propaganda, unreal pictures or photos that is advertised over such a vase majority of platform. Virgin Escort our main sponsors for this site and the visionary decisive maker; not to forget the team at MyPinkyLady.com had finalize our decision that this platform will and always to be maintain as authentic as possible. We do not want a legacy of scammers and non-verified agencies destroying a reputation and discipline that we had upkept.

Having said that; as for the initial stage we encourage/urge users that anyway had they  being ‘Catfished’ / unfairly treated or complaints of any misadventure; we kindly ask for your cooperation and work with us so that improvements, enforcements and actions can be implemented.

Drastic measures such as blacklist or banning certain establishment, agencies or escorts is not our policy of doing things. The end-goal approach of taking measures of violations in MyPinkyLady.com; we just want to see that everyone is safe and content.

Please Do Keep Up with the Memo for the public in menu  “Important Notice !!”.


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